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Specialist Open and Upright MRI Scans

Why Medserena

Medserena is a specialist provider of open and upright MRI scans in the UK and Germany, providing a premium service to investigate numerous medical conditions and symptoms.

We combine the finest diagnostic expertise with unique open MRI scanners in 5-star spacious surroundings to deliver the best possible experience to all of our patients.

Benefits of Open and Upright MRI

We understand that having an MRI scan in a conventional flatbed tunnel MRI scanner isn’t suitable for everyone - whether that is due to claustrophobia, being too heavy or just not being able to lie flat for a prolonged period because of a painful back condition. That’s why we provide all our MRI scans in comfortable upright scanners in which you can sit or stand, with an open front specifically designed to put you at your ease and keep you in close contact with your radiographer for reassurance throughout the experience.

Upright scanners are also particularly useful for assessing back pain and joint problems as you can be scanned in a weight-bearing position to give a more realistic picture of how your spinal vertebrae and joints react to gravity and pressure. Medserena has developed its own sequence of scanning the spine and neck called variPOSE where these areas can be imaged in different positions such as extended, flexed or rotated.

Truly open and upright MRI machine

Location for Truly upright Spine & Neck MRI scans

Our scans can be performed in London or Manchester

From only £240.00

Prices are self-pay only, inclusive of Radiologist report

Same day appointments

Many MRI scans can be booked for the same day

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Safe Environment

All MRI scans require close contact between you and the Radiographer, so we are continuing to implement strict Social Distancing and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) policies for increased protection in our centres.

Read what we are doing to protect the NHS by maintaining our safety policies against COVID-19 during your appointment.

Superior healthcare service with every Private MRI scan

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Locations and Referral

Medserena has two centres in the UK – one in Kensington, London close to Heathrow airport and another in West Didsbury, Manchester, convenient for Manchester airport. Appointments at both centres are usually available within days and you will receive an in-depth report on the findings written by an expert, UK based Radiologist who specialises on the type of MRI scan you've chosen.

You can book yourself online as a self-referred patient for Medserena MRI scans on a self-pay basis.

If you’re being referred by your healthcare professional for an MRI scan, you can book yourself online and upload your referral letter if you have it. You’ll have the choice to either self-pay or to pay via your private medical insuranceNHS referred patients who have an authorised individual funding request (IFR) are also accepted.

Find details and self-pay prices for all of our MRI scans here.

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