Limbs and Joints MRI scans | Medserena Open MRI

Medserena offers specialist limbs and joints MRI scans for the hips, knees, shoulder, ankle, foot, lower limb, upper limb, upper arm, lower arm, wrist, elbow and hand. The imaging used in MRI scans is regarded as the gold standard for examining soft tissue, because of the clarity of imaging and the way it differentiates between different types of structures. MRI can also be used to examine blood flow and nerves and can reveal inflammation which would not be visible on an x-ray. This combination of advantages can mean that patients get a quicker diagnosis for the cause of their joint pain and symptoms.

Medserena’s joint scans are all done in an open upright scanner, so weight-bearing joints can be viewed under the force of gravity and give a more dynamic realistic picture of what is happening inside the joint when it is under pressure.

Common causes of joint pain include osteoarthritis caused by wear and tear of joints, rheumatoid arthritis, an auto immune disease which causes inflammation, sports injuries, tumours, benign growths and cysts, tendon problems, ligament strains and tears, osteoporosis fractures and bone deterioration.

Medserena’s expert radiographers or your referring physician will advise which MRI scan is most appropriate for investigating your symptoms.