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London Appointment Booking

Please use this secure form to make a booking for yourself as a referred or self-referred patient:

  • Referred patients can upload their referral letter and choose to pay with private medical insurance or self-pay. NHS referred patients with pre-agreed individual funding requests can also book.
  • Self-referred patients can book on a self-pay basis only.

On receipt of your booking form our admin team will contact you to offer suitable dates and times and take a deposit to secure your appointment. You will also receive an email copy of your booking form, please check your junk folder if you don’t receive it within a few minutes.

Start your booking by selecting the scan you require in the drop down menu below, if you’re not sure which scan type you need please see our comprehensive range of MRI scan descriptions.

Your Details

Please fill in as many fields as possible making sure you have filled in the mandatory fields highlighted with an*

Referral and Payment

Please provide which payment method you will be using. Once approved, we will be taking a deposit to confirm your booking.

Please provide which payment method you will be using. Once approved, we will be taking a deposit to confirm your booking.

Referral letter (If applicable)
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Healthcare Practitioner Details

It is a requirement that we communicate results to a doctor or responsible health professional so that they can make recommendations about your future care. By completing this form you acknowledge that a copy of your report will be sent to your GP or responsible health professional. Additionally, neither the centre nor the reporting Radiologist is able to discuss the findings of the scan directly with the patient. By submitting this form you acknowledge that any and all enquiries regarding the content of the report and recommendations (if any) must be conducted with your GP or responsible health professional.

Safety check

As recommended by the MHRA, for patient safety during any MRI scans, we require the following information. If you answer YES to any of the following, we will regrettably not be able to proceed with an MRI scan.

Relevant clinical details

Need assistance to fill out the form or would rather speak to a member of the team? We are here to help – please choose from the following options: