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NHS Patient

Information for patients.

To arrange an NHS-funded scan with us, you first need to speak to your NHS consultant, GP, or other health care professional, who may be able to apply for an individual funding request (IFR) from your local NHS trust and arrange a referral letter. Find useful information here for IFR in England.

Information for NHS health care professionals.

We routinely perform NHS referrals, in most cases due to either

  • a patient is unable to tolerate a conventional tunnel MRI and suffers from claustrophobia, or
  • a patient finds it difficult to lie in a flatbed tunnel scanner because of back or joint pain, or have a condition which is best viewed in a weight-bearing scan position

As well as occasional referrals, we can also arrange formal local agreements for MRI scan waiting list initiatives at competitive tariffs.

Please contact either our London or Manchester centre for a representative to discuss your needs.

Self Pay MRI

Open and Upright MRI Scans

Medserena core specialities are musculoskeletal imaging, especially of the spine, limbs and jointsthe brain and most pelvic and abdominal regions.

One key advantage to our MRI systems is the ability to image the whole spine, including the neck, in weight bearing positions.

In addition, imaging can be carried out with a marked reduction in artefacts in patients with implantable devices. The horizontal orientation of the main magnetic field, combined with a steel shield weighing 130 tonnes, special coil technologies and metal artefact-reducing sequences, enables MRI imaging to be performed despite the presence of metal objects in the examination area.