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NHS Patient

NHS MRI patients are welcome at Medserena’s MRI centres. Even though we are a private provider of MRI we perform many referral scans from the NHS.

To arrange an NHS-funded scan with us you first need to speak to your NHS consultant , GP, or other health care professional, who can arrange a referral and apply for funding from your local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group. One way of doing this is for your health care professional to make an individual funding request (IFR).

This is where your clinician applies for you to have a treatment, examination or procedure not usually provided by the local NHS because they feel there are specific reasons why you may benefit from it. In the case of needing an upright scan, the special circumstances may be that you suffer from claustrophobia, are heavier, find it difficult to lie in a flatbed tunnel scanner because of back or joint pain, or have a condition which is best viewed in a weight-bearing upright position.

Self Pay MRI

Medserena Open MRI Scans

Medserena offers a wide range of MRI scans and all our scans are carried out in open upright scanners. Open scans are particularly useful for heavier patients or those who suffer from claustrophobia, as well as those with back and joint problems that are better viewed whilst in an upright and weight-bearing position.

We aim to give you a better MRI experience by combining our clinical expertise with an exceptionally calm and comfortable 5-star service, offering reassurance at every step of the scanning procedure.